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Discover Aqua Breeze Vacations – your trusted local travel agency and portal to unforgettable journeys. We strive to make your travels truly special. We listen, understand, and then add our insider knowledge to tailor your vacation. Whether it's discovering a hidden gem, sailing on the newest ship, staying at the perfect all-inclusive, or enjoying some exclusive perks – We've got you covered. You'll also travel with ease, knowing every detail is thoughtfully planned ensuring you experience the best of Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. We are a FREE Service. Contact us at 303-986-2808 for more information or to discuss your vacation options.

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Why Choose Us

We believe every journey begins with understanding. Our process starts by discussing your tastes, preferences, and what you envision for your trip. With our extensive cruise ship, resort, and destination insights, we'll guide you to those delightful hidden spots and experiences tailored just for you. Whether you're setting sail on a cruise or navigating the intricacies of an all-inclusive resort, we will go behind the curtains and remove any uncertainty. We'll review any travel requirements so you are prepared. Several weeks before departure, you'll receive a seamless itinerary, so you don't have to chase details or confirmation numbers. Together, we will review it in detail so you can embark easily, savor each moment, and return with cherished memories. 

Even the most seasoned travelers relish fresh insights when treading new grounds or boarding unfamiliar ships. By deeply understanding your seasoned travel style, we unveil lesser-known gems, nuances, and experiences in new destinations. With our meticulous planning, you'll have a step-by-step guide tailored to your pace and preference. Dive into the unfamiliar with ease and confidence. We have connections with many of the top cruise lines! This means we're always in the loop about details on the latest ships and exciting new destinations.  

Our Distinctive Voyages program is just that, DISTINCTIVE. It elevates your cruise experience by providing an exclusive set of complimentary amenities you cannot get anywhere else but through one of our expert travel advisors. Available on more than 375 sailings a year across numerous cruise lines, these exclusive perks are yours to enjoy at no additional cost.

When you choose Aqua Breeze Vacations as your local travel agency, you're treated like a VIP from start to finish. Our commitment to prompt and efficient service means your journey is stress-free from the moment you book. Join us today and experience the Aqua Breeze difference. Your extraordinary journey starts with a call 303-986-2808. Let us help you discover the magic of Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe.


Our Journey

Fuelled by a relentless love for the world's waters and an insatiable thirst for travel, we've sailed on numerous cruise lines and itineraries and experienced many in all-inclusive resorts from the vibrant Caribbean to the tranquil Bahamas. Over these decades, our adventures set the course for Aqua Breeze Vacations.

We Understand

Travel is transformative. It forges bonds, crafts memories, and brings dreams to life. While the destination mesmerizes, the journey, shared experiences, and lasting impressions truly captivate. We’re here because we recognize that many yearn for these moments but lack the insider expertise. Fear missing out on cruise perks or choosing a mismatched resort? As your trusted travel agent, we've got you covered!

Unrivaled Expertise

At Aqua Breeze Vacations, we don't just talk travel; we've lived it. With stints in the Bahamas and over 25 cruise adventures under our belt, we're a treasure chest of travel secrets. Those clandestine beach spots, the choicest cabins on a cruise, or the best all-inclusive resorts? We know them. And we are local travel agents. No strange, unfamiliar call centers. 


Your vacation deserves nothing less than perfection. Recognized for our unwavering dedication to crafting stellar vacations, we're not just any travel agent. Kelly boasts certifications such as the Cruise Groups and Master Cruise Counselor (MCC) from the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and a Verified Travel Agent title from the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA). Plus, our A+ BBB rating? It’s the cherry on top!

Specialty Services

Cruising can be a maze of choices. That's our playground! As seasoned navigators, we demystify the myriad of options, ensuring your cruise resonates with your unique preferences. And for those leaning towards all-inclusive vacations, we have a knack for matching you with resorts that mirror your vibe.

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